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Key "evidence" misrepresented, distorted and improperly used at Greg's trial
The Umen jeans used to implicate Greg belonged in fact to John Adams - DNA tests EXCLUDE Greg as dna contributor
Closing argument by Defense attorney:

Now we know that they took — they took these clothes, okay? All right? Now when you take these clothes, — this supposedly is, you know, the jeans that they want you to believe Mr. Wright was wearing when this offense occurred. Okay? Well, now, look. These are the pants that we know that he was wearing when he was arrested, okay? The — y'all can take these and y'all can compare them just as well, all right? They're the wrong size, okay? These jeans are much smaller. These jeans are not the right size. They're not the size that Mr. Wright wears, okay?
Now, we know that Mr. Adams was arrested in these things. Now, of course, these things will stretch forever, but look how small they are. But more importantly than that, we have a pair of jeans in here that have Mr. Adams's blood on them, okay?
Guess which jeans they match exactly? Exactly. Okay? Mr. Adams's blood is on the jeans. That would be reasonable to conclude that this was Mr. Adams's jeans that were found in that shack, and they are exactly the same size as the jeans that have Miss Vick's blood on them. Okay?
Who killed Miss Vick? The person who was wearing these jeans, the jeans that fit John Wade Adams.
Do these jeans look new? Do these look like they're a brand-new pair of jeans that the testimony clearly was that Mr. Wright was wearing that night? Do these look like jeans that would ever fit this man over here? No. They're too small for him. These are John Adams's jeans. These are the jeans that he was wearing, John Adams was wearing when he killed Miss Vick.

The fingerprint evidence could not be corroborated by any State forensic fingerprint expert, or any other, and should not have been admitted in evidence by the Court - see also affidavits by trial defence attorneys
Closing argument by Defense attorney:

Do you remember Sgt. Howell, or Howell from the sheriff's office? He told you that he looked at that fingerprint from the pillowcase and he said it wasn't comparable. He told you Jumper looked at it and said it wasn't comparable.
Do you remember Det. Watson telling you that he — you know, he was the fingerprint guy. He was the guy who found the fingerprint on the Dr. Pepper bottle. And what did each one of the experts tell you that you have to do with fingerprints? You have to have them confirmed, okay? It's not enough just for you to say that it's a match. You have to have somebody else say it's a match. Always have to have it confirmed, okay?
Cron told you that he just guesses those people aren't qualified. I guess that means that every person that's been convicted in these courts, based on their testimony, I guess we need to just let all of them go, because none of those guys are qualified. Only Cron's the person that's qualified to do fingerprints, okay?
Now he told you he was a consultant, all right? He told you he's retired, and then he told you that he wasn't being paid for this. Well, you know what? That's exactly what his testimony was worth. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Now, what does he tell you? That people have 150 to 175 comparable points, okay? We know from — from some people, some of the testimony was, is that, well, you know, I'll go with eight.
We know the FBI requires twelve, okay?
Cron says, I don't have a minimum. I can go with one. I bet he can. I bet he would. Not that it would be right, but he would be willing to do that.
You know, the State has all these great exhibits. Look at all this stuff they put together. The most important piece of their evidence is these fingerprints that supposedly show this man's fingerprint there at the location on that pillow, okay? What's the one wonderful piece of exhibit that they don't bring you? This incredibly important fingerprint.
What does Cron tell you? Well, I can't really — I can't show it to the jury. I can't do it. You know, people do that all the time. They put the fingerprints up there and slide them together so that you can see their match. Would they do it here? No. In fact, he refused to do it. He refused to show it to any other experts. He knew that all the other experts said it's not comparable. It just can't be done. That's what all the testimony is, okay?
He also, you know, told you that he couldn't even show it to our expert, okay? He tried to draw it out to him and he couldn't show it to our expert.
You know, the State could have called our expert up here if our expert could have identified it. They didn't do that. They have just as much right to bring him up there to testify. Guess what? Why didn't they do it? Because it's not our client's fingerprint.  
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